Mysa has optimized the acupressure mat by making it ergonomic and heatable, thereby increasing its therapeutic benefits, ease of use and comfort for all those suffering from hyperkyphosis and other spinal deformities.

Thanks to its growing success, millions of people now use an acupressure mat. However, in order to achieve a uniform and comfortable contact with it, tens of thousands of users are often forced to assume unnatural and incorrect positions, resulting in an uneven acupressure and an inability to get rid of muscle tension.

To overcome this, they often place makeshift supports under the mat (such as pillows or rolled-up towels), which are completely inadequate and not fit for purpose.

Together with a number of posture specialists and osteopaths, Mysa has designed a unique and exclusive lumbar support that can be inserted into any Mysa acupressure mat. It is heatable, ergonomic, adaptable and can also be used when not lying on the mat. 


This is how our brand new Ergono Mysa and ErgonoMag Mysa (with bio-magnets) were born. Both come with a special lumbar support, the Mysa Hot ErgonoPad, which fits perfectly inside them and can be adjusted according to a person’s specific spine curvature disorder (lumbar or dorsal kyphosis, scoliosis, etc.). The mats can then closely adapt to the shape of any backs, even the most “difficult” ones, allowing its users to lie on them in an absolutely correct and harmonious position, thereby ridding the body of all tension and relaxing the back and neck muscles.

Another feature that makes these models truly unique is their special density and softness, which enables even those suffering from significant spinal deformities to comfortably lie on them. Furthermore, it is possible to warm the mats up, boosting their pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties. All this makes our Mysa acupressure mats particularly comfortable and effective as well as fully adjustable to the needs of different users. They are also ideally suited to relieve acute and sudden pain in the lumbar and dorsal regions.

All this is achieved by using materials that are completely natural and eco-friendly: no foam rubber or other by-products of crude oil. The latter, unfortunately, are very often used in similar products, resulting in loss of shape, accumulation of sweat and totally unbalanced density.


Thanks to its Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding, our classic Original Mysa is already a first-rate ergonomic mat. Its perfectly balanced density, in fact, results in a uniform distribution of the microtips’ pressure, making it highly adaptable to the curvature of each back. Nevertheless, those suffering from hyperkyphosis or other spinal deformities can now choose a mat designed specifically for them:  Ergono Mysa .


Opt for the very best, choose our brand new  ErgonoMag Mysa . It is the ergonomic version of our Magnetic Mysa in that it too comes with a Mysa Hot ErgonoPad heatable lumbar support. In the very area of the body where you need it most, you will be able to take full advantage of: uniform acupressure, adjustable natural warmth, magnet therapy.

You will experience a feeling of complete, total, unexpected relief. It will surprise you and you will not be able to do without it! There is nothing better!

The two Mysa models ideally suited to those suffering from Hyperkyphosis: