Our Holistic Mysa consists of a Mysa acupressure mat, a special Guided Meditation CD, a yoga strap (for specific asanas) and an invaluable manual, illustrating all 144 Mysa Chakra Yoga poses. This is all you need to begin exercising right away in the comfort of your own home. A form of gentle exercise, specifically designed to increase your flexibilityimprove your posture and speed up your metabolism. Your body will become more agile and harmonious and your fitness will improve dramatically. Yoga is world-renowned for its ability to give you a toned and harmonious physique.

It improves your posture, is a form of non-strenuous exercise and does not require any specific equipment or venue. It tones your muscles and makes your body more taut, nimble and supple.


Mysa Chakra Yoga is even more than this: a never-seen-before series of 144 poses, devised to be performed on our mat, will allow you to obtain the aforementioned results a lot more rapidly.

And this also applies to those who have never practiced yoga before.

If, on the other hand, you are familiar with yoga, by just attempting the first two sequences featured in the Mysa Chakra Yoga manual, you will immediately notice the qualitative difference of its poses.

“The tips sink into your muscles and immediately begin ridding them of tension and stiffness. They recondition the myofascial tissue, leading to a new and more balanced muscle distribution. Also, the reactivated microcirculation will result in deep tissue stimulation, reviving spots you had long forgotten and causing micro-movements thanks to which your spine will tend to realign itself and re-acquire its natural curvature” (excerpt from “Mysa Chakra Yoga”—Roberto Ergi)

We will leave these highly-technical considerations to the yoga experts. What should be emphasized here, however, is yet another wonderful feature of the Mysa mat. In addition to its well-known analgesic and muscle-relaxing properties, in fact, it will also allow you to follow a simple exercise programme in the comfort of your own home. And this, in turn, will make your body fit, flexible and harmonious.

And all this for the risible price of our Holistic Mysa mat.


Thanks to its exclusive 33-tip, balanced-density florets, our  Original Mysa  boosts blood and lymph circulation, thereby improving cellular oxygenation and leading to a speedier elimination of toxins from the body. Moreover, it helps keep the body “active”, flexible and relaxed even if you do not exercise much or have a sedentary lifestyle.


If that is the case, the product best suited to your needs is definitely our wonderful  Holistic Mysa .

The enclosed manual will walk you through 12 yoga sequences (each consisting of 12 asanas) specifically devised to be performed on our Mysa acupressure mat. Also enclosed is a yoga strap that will help you carry out the most challenging poses. Your will see your body get flexible to a degree you would have never thought possible. 

Our Guided Meditation CD will instead help you reactivate and relax your mind, unblocking your energy channels. Thanks to Mysa, you will be able to take better care of your body, gently exercise, relax your muscles and improve your overall quality of life. In the comfort of your own home, whenever you want, forever.

The two Mysa models most suitable for those who do not exercise much: