The authentic Swedish
Acupressure Mat

The authentic Swedish
Acupressure Mat





Sciatica is a common type of pain affecting the sciatic nerve (a large nerve extending from the lower back to the rear of each leg). Such pain typically stretches from the lower spine to the buttock and the back of the leg. Some people may also experience numbness, tingling or muscle weakness in the affected leg.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated. This may happen for a number of reasons, although the vast majority of cases are caused by a herniated (or “slipped”) lumbar disc. When sciatica is caused by lumbar disc herniation, treatment is not always necessary as the condition usually improves naturally in the space of a few weeks. However, if symptoms are severe or persistent treatment should be sought.

In the past few years, an increasing number of people have turned to acupressure in order to relieve acute sciatica pain in a completely natural manner—no need for painkillers or spinal injections. Acupressure improves blood and lymph flow and spurs the brain to secrete endorphins and oxytocin, thereby relieving pain and muscle tension.

Similarly, magnet therapy has been employed for millennia to relieve pain through the healing power of magnets. When placed on the skin, in fact, such magnets not only boost peripheral blood circulation, but reduce inflammation too—which can be very helpful in alleviating sciatica. 

Today, it is possible to simultaneously reap the benefits of both acupressure and magnet therapy thanks to our exclusive    Magnetic Mysa  . Its negative-polarity, permanent bio-magnets, in fact, do not only amplify the pain-relieving and circulation-boosting properties of acupressure, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect in their own right, making it ideally suited to relieve sciatica rapidly and effectively (please click here for further information).

Please note that we are now able to offer two improved versions of our Magnetic Mysa: the brand new   ThermoMag Mysa Duo   and   ErgonoMag Mysa  . The former extends the beneficial action of acupressure and magnet therapy to the neck and shoulder region, whereas the latter is ideal for all those suffering from a spine curvature disorder (scoliosis, kyphosis, etc.) thanks to the special lumbar support (  Mysa Hot ErgonoPad )) it comes with. Moreover, both models allow their users to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy too.

The Mysa range of acupressure mats and pillows is by far the most complete on the marketthere is surely a model perfectly suited to your needs.

And remember: if you are with Mysa, you are well…