The authentic Swedish
Acupressure Mat

100% Natural Padding


Environment-friendly and wonderfully effective!

The only acupressure mat on the market with vegetable-fibre padding and 33-tip florets!

Maximum density and perfectly-balanced acupressure!

Those who love their body and care about nature do as the Swedes do: they choose Mysa!

The evolution of the famous “Spikemat”: Following its huge success in Sweden, we decided to design an original and innovative range of mats with all-natural, breathable, vegetable-fibre padding (we avoided all by-products of crude oil, which may be cheap but are also unhygienic and not fit for purpose). We wanted to truly push the boundaries of the traditional spike mat, of which there now exist countless brands and models (the vast majority of which, alas, of very poor quality and design).

Exclusive Design

This is how we created the line with the new Mysa global brand:

We selected the 33-tip design with the Mysa Density Ratio, along with 100% eco-friendly natural fiber materials, which would guarantee top quality. We also collaborated with some of the world’s foremost experts in natural therapies in order to boost the beneficial propperties of our Mysa acupressure mat and treat more effectively the conditions that most commonly affect people, while also sustaining the planet. To this we added its all-natural, vegetable-fibre padding. Here is where the Mysa labs exceeded themselves: they managed to create a material that could replace both plastic and other synthetic by-products of crude oil, which is typical of all other models of acupressure mats on the market, whether they are or are not imitations of our original Mysa.

The best for your body, the best for the planet!

Much confusion, many shoddy models, supposedly exotic origins...

The success of the original spikemat has spawned a multitude of imitations that have proliferated in several world markets. They come with the most disparate tip shapes (shorter, longer, unusually-spaced) and with logos and symbolisms that are supposed to conjure up ancient Indian practices, tantric numerology, Indian fakirs, Himalayan shamans, millennia-old sacred legacies, karma, etc…Unfortunately, most of the time, the only truly esoteric and mysterious thing about such mats is their production plant. They are typically made of by-products or crude oil or are inflatable, which makes them non-ergonomic and ineffective. Therefore, when you choose your acupressure mat, make sure it is manufactured with materials complying with the most basic rules of hygiene and non-toxicity (no harmful glues or paints, no toxic rubber, etc.).

The original Mysa mats are the only ones worldwide with two unique features that make them the best on the market. Along with materials of the highest quality (special eco-friendly padding that is natural and breathable, not rubber with petroleum by-products and synthetic elements), Mysa proposes a 33-tip floret design (Mysa balanced density created in 2010), representing an evolution, as compared to the original version of the acupressure mat designed by the Russian, Ivan Kuznetsov.

In fact, the design of the tips of the Mysa mats allows for the pressure to be distributed perfectly, making it uniform over the entire body surface that comes into contact with the mat or pillow. This guarantees for the best acupressure effectiveness, while the perception of pain is diminished, therefore, it becomes particularly tolerable, without compromising the maximum muscle-relaxing and stress-relieving effect, typical of Mysa mats.

This has always made the Mysa mat a favourite of users as well as of professionals specialized in natural therapies!


When eco-friendliness improves a product!

The Mysa labs have truly outdone themselves.

Meet our eco-friendly Mysalus Mysa® vegetable fibre:

An all-natural material that provides improved performance!

For your body and for the planet!

Just  think: it has taken the Mysa R&D team 5 years to find a completely natural plant material which is not only eco-friendly, recyclable, non-polluting and totally free of crude-oil by-products, but also greatly improves the density and texture of the padding commonly used in other acupressure mats.

Thanks to our new, all-natural, Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding, in fact, the pressure of the microtips on the body has been optimized. Which, in conjunction with the special 33-tip floret design typical of all Mysa mats, represents a huge step forward in the evolution of the acupressure mat.

Evolution that began in the 1980s when the first acupressure mat was launched in the Soviet Union with enormous success.

The original version of the acupressure mat, designed over 30 years ago by the Russian music teacher Ivan Kuznetsov, consisted of a simple plastic mat. However, in the following years, a concerted effort was made to find a material that could replace plastic in order to improve the texture and density of the “spikemat”.

In the 1980s, an inflatable version of the plastic mat was launched. This model, however, made it virtually impossible to achieve a balanced and uniform distribution of the pressure of the tips on the body. Various inflatable mats and pillows are still available on the market today, but according to our in-house tests, none of them ensures effective acupressure. Furthermore, they are particularly awkward and can be easily damaged. Which is why Mysa has never manufactured them as they do not meet our stringent quality standards. Gradually, foam rubber replaced inflatable mats. However, Mysa has always opted for non-toxic materials and has always striven to keep the use of plastics and other by-products of crude oil to a minimum.



In 2007, an acupressure mat featuring a cotton cover replaced the plastic version. Still, when it came to the padding, no better material than foam rubber seemed to exist. To this day, foam rubber continues to be the padding material used by the manufacturers of the many cheap and shoddy acupressure mats available on the market, whether they are made in India, China or Russia.

Thankfully, Mysa’s research team has been able to find a solution. As a quintessential Swedish brand, always sensitive to ecological sustainability, environmental preservation and recyclability of materials, Mysa has launched a true environment-friendly mat.

Our new Mysalus Mysa® vegetable fibre is a wonderful padding material, which is completely natural, eco-friendly and recyclable. It allows us to do away with foam rubber and other by-products of crude oil (which still make up more than 85% of most acupressure mats available on the market) and, therefore, keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, it improves the pressure of the microtips on the skin by making it uniform and perfectly distributed, thereby ensuring increased stimulation of the reflexology meridian points and boosting the benefits of acupressure.

Other remarkable properties of our Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding are: maximum breathability, total absence of mites, negligible accumulation of dust and sweat (a common flaw of acupressure mats, the majority of which have not evolved at all since 2007) as well as superior density and ergonomics.

We are therefore extremely pleased with our new eco-friendly Mysa mat!

In sum, in one fell swoop, the Mysa Research Centre has managed to achieve what it had been looking for for years: maximum benefits for your back (thanks to an extremely reliable material which, unlike plastic or foam rubber, is not affected by heat, light, dust, pressure or sweat) as well as maximum respect for the environment (thanks to a completely natural and recyclable material made entirely of vegetable fibres).

And that’s not all: the Mysa mat’s vegetable-fibre padding is contained in a cover made entirely of natural cotton and can be easily taken out of it and placed in a microwave or regular oven in order to be slightly heated.

This will make the body more receptive to the pressure of the microtips and will speed up its response to it, thereby boosting the benefits of acupressure and ensuring a more uniform and complete stimulation of the acupressure points.

In other words, even during shorter sessions, the slight warmth released by the mat will allow the microtips to perform their beneficial task faster and in a totally natural way, i.e. with no need for electricity!

Mysa Mat