An increasing number of people rely on cervical pillows to relieve neck pain. However, although many different models are now available on the market, not all of them are equally effective. In this respect, Mysa appears to be the best cervical pillow for several different reasons.

First of all, only Mysa allows its users to take advantage of the beneficial properties of four natural therapies: acupressure, heat therapy, cold therapy and magnet therapy.

Secondly, only Mysa features 33-tip discs. This is very important as a lower number of tips per disc would make acupressure too uncomfortable, whereas a higher number would make it too "bland" and, consequently, ineffective.

Thirdly, all Mysa cervical pillows are made of organic spelt chaff (a natural and fully recyclable material). This is very important as, unlike their foam rubber counterparts, cervical pillows made of spelt chaff are able to closely adjust to the shape of a person's neck, resulting in a more uniform, balanced and, ultimately, effective acupressure.

That is why Mysa is the very best cervical pillow to relieve neck pain (please click here for further information).

And remember, if you are with Mysa you are well…

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