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Acupressure Mat





Lie on your Mysa mat for 30 minutes a day for real relief from back pain.

If you suffer from back pain, or even if you’re simply stressed and tired, what do you do? Lie down? For some back, neck and shoulder injuries, lying down isn’t enough. We get up feeling marginally better, but the aches and pains continue for weeks, sometimes months.

What then if you could lie on something that actually did some work on those affected areas, while you just lay there, resting?

This, in a nutshell, is the thinking behind the Mysa acupressure mat. Picture a mat about a metre in length, half that across. On one side there are rows of plastic discs with pointed tips (the “florets”). If you touch them, they are quite pointed, but when you lie on them, distributing your weight evenly over them, they are at worst slightly uncomfortable.

So, why would you want to lie on a mat that was uncomfortable when you’re already in pain to begin with? Well, the initial discomfort is soon replaced by a feeling of relaxation and the easing of pain. How come?

The “spiky” tips press on the acupressure points on your back’s meridians. As a result, by simply lying on them, you’re given a non-invasive kind of acupuncture and reflexology, which deliver a whole range of benefits, from deep relaxation to back, neck and shoulder pain relief.

A friend recommended I try one for a chronic shoulder problem. Plus, I wasn’t sleeping so well. Needless to say, it helped with both.


How Does a Mysa Mat Work?

The mat I’ve bought from Mysa is about the size of a mat you might have in your bathroom and consists of a soft pad of about 75 x 45 cm, coated with a total of 210 florets.

The specially designed healing tips contained in such florets stimulate the nervous system, which sends impulses to the spine and the brain. These stimuli activate the production of endorphins and oxytocin.

Endorphins, our “happy hormones”, block pain receptors and in turn produce a feeling of wellbeing. The hormone oxytocin generates a deep sense of calm, which can make you feel a bit drowsy—and this too helps relieve stress, fatigue and sleep problems.

The mat also stimulates blood and lymph flow, boosting oxygen supply to muscles and organs, improving circulation and skin health.

After about 10 minutes of lying on the mat, you start to relax and, from there on, it goes deeper and deeper. After about 30-40 minutes, you feel deeply relaxed and energized.

The spike mat can help treat back, shoulder and neck problems as well as insomnia, headaches and stress.

If you use it regularly enough, it will help loosen tight muscles and “iron out” anomalies in the vertebrae, reducing irritation of nerves in the spinal area and outwards.

When you think the cost of a mat is about the same or even less than that of a single massage, it’s got to be a good investment. You just roll it out and lie on it. I’m recommending it to my sister-in-law who works part time and keeps putting her back out. She also needs to lose weight, but that’s another story…

Mysa Mat